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Game house is a software package, designed especially about computer education of children with special needs. It is games based. These games are used as for mastering computer work skills, as for gaining school knowledge. Comenius Logo environment is used for the software development.

Comenius Logo is a rich multimedia environment for combining graphics, sound, animation and video. The communication uses Bulgarian language, which makes Comenius Logo quite suitable for children education. This environment is approved for school aids with protocol 14/17.09.1998 by The Ministry of Education and is used for computer education in common elementary school. It is not pretentious to software and hardware resources, works with Windows 3., 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP. Comenius Logo offers uniform tools, which makes it attractive and easy.

The Game house software package is designed to work in two ways. You could start each application on o.'s own inside Comenius Logo environment. The other way is to start the package thus Comenius Logo remains hidden for the user. The package resources are copyright. The used resources are precisely selected by logopaedia and psychology specialists and include well known for children objects.

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